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Classic Jiu-jitsu

Here is where you will have the unique opportunity to enjoy the unparalleled teaching skills of Professor Rorion Gracie. His objective approach and passion for detail will cause you to rethink the execution of even the most basic techniques you may think you know.  

4 hours of jiu-jitsu and stories, plus an important discussion about your health that will make this an unforgettable experience.  

This seminar is for all belt ranks.

Health & Wellness 
(The Gracie Diet)


With the objective of keeping his family in good health, Professor Carlos Gracie Sr., who was not a doctor, did an empirical research that lasted 65 years. Based on food combinations and aimed at keeping the body alkaline, the result has been nothing short of life changing for thousands of people who have experienced it all around the world.
Common health issues like: IBS, headaches, heartburn, excessive weight, lack of energy, acid reflux, gastritis, type 2 diabetes, ulcers, feeling bloated, etc., have been eliminated consistently without medicine, just by changing one's eating habits.
Rorion Gracie, now over 70, is a living example of such benefits.  He perpetuated the work of his late uncle,  when he wrote the book "The Gracie Diet,"  where he explains the principles, shares delicious recipes, and breaks down this fascinating non restrictive way of eating virtually anything, as long as you combine the foods properly.   
His presentation on Health & Wellness will be a great reminder of how important are our food choices.  Often participants realize that Health is the first wealth! 

Teaching Methodology

At last, by popular demand, Professor Rorion Gracie, will share with you the Philosophy principles and the Teaching Methodology secrets that set the standards for becoming an instructor under his father, Grand Master Helio Gracie.

4 hours of philosophy and concrete tips that will enhance your teaching skills, and you can start using them immediately. This one of a kind seminar is exclusively for instructors and assistant instructors.

Participants must be at least a purple belt. 

Motivation & Entrepreneurship

In 1969, when he first came to the US for what should have been a one month vacation, at the young age of 17, Rorion could never have predicted that the hand of faith would spin his life around into what could become a Hollywood movie! 
It started when his return ticket and all his money were stolen within a few days of his arrival. Then, the highs and lows that included panhandling days and sleeping on the streets, the pressure of learning to deal with the uncertainty of everything, to the exciting concerts of Jimi Hendrix and the making of new good friends. 
Without ever losing focus of his mission, he eventually created the UFC, the fastest growing sport on the planet, changing forever the world of martial arts. 

Using the dramatic saga of his life as the backdrop, Rorion has inspired and entertained audiences everywhere.  His lectures can be tailored to fit the needs of your organization in the areas of Motivation and/or Entrepreneurship. 


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