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Back in the mid 20's, Carlos Gracie realized the important correlation between good health and good performance. As the oldest member of a family dedicated to the art of jiu-jitsu, even though he was not a doctor, Carlos decided to concentrate his efforts in finding a way to keep his family in top condition so that they may be ready to defend the Gracie challenge against anybody, anytime, anywhere.

He spent 65 years doing an empirical research, which included reading the works of doctors, scientists, nutrition experts, etc., while using himself and the members of his unusually large family as "guinea pigs", until he eventually organized a regimen - The Gracie Diet - that has provided incredible results to everyone who experiences it.


What Makes it Unique

The Gracie Diet is not a fad diet that will restrict your eating habits, causing you to suffer for a while until you lose some weight, and then when the time is up, gain all the weight back, then some. Instead, this reeducation program will take you on a lifestyle change, a new perspective on how you will look at what you eat. Time to stop eating to fill up your belly, and start eating to nourish your body!


Delicious recipes

You will not stop enjoying the pleasure of eating. The difference, is that from here on out, you will know what foods combine with what and those which should not be mixed with anything else. Something as harmless as a glass of orange juice, or a scoop of your favorite ice cream, could be messing up your digestion in ways you will never know until you try the Gracie Way. Let's take this journey together!

  • The concept is proper food combining which will allow you to enjoy great meals since you can eat virtually anything.
  • New recipes every month
  • Easy to prepare
  • Will boost your energy level

Training program

Physical exercise – and especially its relationship to diet – is an important but commonly misunderstood component of a healthy lifestyle. The most common misconception is that you must adopt a rigorous workout routine in order to lose weight. How the body reacts to different types of exercises depends on many factors. The key is to find the right exercise for you. More is not necessarily better. The idea that weight control is linked to exercise is seemingly obvious. In all areas of our lives, we see that work brings results and hard work usually brings even better results. But with regard to weight control, research proves that more is not better.

  • If you have an exercise routine, great! If you don’t, we’ll give you some basic tips to get you started at a comfortable pace.
  • Simple enough that anybody can do
  • Minimum or no equipment needed
  • Do it at home or at the gym

Online support

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Success Stories

The Steps



Here you will give us information, about your overall health, measurements, eating habits, lifestyle, and goals.



We’ll create a program that will address your needs, and in 5 working days our team will send you the starting instructions.



Here you’ll start your new journey, and we’ll be with you every step of the way. Answering questions, giving you tips, etc.



You’ve done it! You’ll get your graduation package via email with instructions on how to maintain your results.




RECIPES (one a month)



RECIPES (2 a month)
Questionnaire / evaluation /goal setting
Send your questions and our support team will answer them.
Graduation package/ and information on the maintenance program



RECIPES (4 a month)
Questionnaire / evaluation /goal setting / blood test / before and after / DR.
Get daily tips on a healthier lifestyle via site
Send your questions to be answered by Rorion Gracie
Connect and talk directly through WhatsApp once a month with Rorion Gracie
Graduation package/ and information on the maintenance program


The Origin

The Gracie Family has been involved with the martial art Jiu-jitsu since the early 1900's. Carlos Gracie, the oldest of the brothers, realized in the mid 20's the important correlation between good health and good performance. With the objective of keeping the family members in good health, to be able to better defend themselves against representatives of other fighting styles, Carlos, who was not a doctor, initiated an empirical study that lasted for 65 years. The result was a food-combining regimen that has helped four generations of Gracies become the most influential family in sport's history.
This program will not guarantee that your health issues will be resolved. Furthermore, since Rorion is not a doctor, it would not be right, in fact it would be illegal to guarantee a positive outcome. That said, although the principles of the Gracie Diet have yet to be scientifically proven, we've had an overwhelmingly positive feedback from people everywhere reporting the elimination of a variety of health issues which include: headaches, gastritis, heartburn, IBS, esophagitis, GERD, constipation, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, lack of energy, high cholesterol, gout, etc.
If you have ever had any of the health issues listed above, you owe to yourself to give it a try. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! What we do promise is to give you access to the information that has helped thousands of people, and share with you their experiences through countless success stories. We hope that by joining the family, one day you also will post a narrative of your own victories and become the inspiration for someone else. What are you waiting for? The time to take care of your health is now!

Training & Exercise

Of course! In fact this is the ideal program for those who are not athletes. The idea of eating anything and then trying to burn it off in the gym is not what this is about. The food combination concept of this program was created to avoid fermentation and acidity, which, based on our research, are some of the main reasons why people gain weight.
Absolutely not! Keep on with your current training if you're happy with it, and observe that your level of energy will only increase with this new eating concept. The exercises we suggest are for those who don't have a training routine yet and want some basic guidelines.
We all know that regular exercise is beneficial for our health. That said, there are people who do not like to exercise. If that your case, rest assured that this is the program for you, as it will certainly increase your level of energy which in turn, may very well get you inspired!

Allergies & Foods

Yes you can. All you have to do is keep avoiding what you know not to eat. Sometimes, these are reactions to something that should not be mixed in the same meal, and you may not be aware. As you learn the proper combinations, some of these problems may be resolved.
The first step is to understand that just because we like something, it does not mean it's good for us, i.e. the smoker, or the drug user, they like their bad habits but it's killing them. The key is to learn to like what's good for you! So if you don't have the habit of eating a certain food, you can most likely find a way to make it work with the foods that you enjoy.
Yes! As a matter of fact, there have been several reported cases of people who are no longer diabetic as a result of their commitment to the Gracie Diet. Keep in mind that by trying the program for a few weeks you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. That said, you should discuss with your doctor and remain under his/her supervision.
Besides being a great way to start you child in a healthier lifestyle while he/she is still in the "oven", one common feedback from moms that are following the Gracie Diet during pregnancy is that they gain only the belly weight, and when the baby is born, they are practically back to their pre-pregnancy weight. As for the breastfeeding stage, there are many reports that the baby will have less colic.


The key is to change your prospective, and the way you look at food in general. Going to work across town or across the world is just a fact of life. Together we'll find the ways to adapt, to your new outlook, like everyone else that understands that their health should be priority. Remember, we're here to help!
Certainly. Since this is not a restrictive program, you can eat virtually anything. The essence of the Gracie Diet is not only on what you eat, but what you it eat with. In other words, as long as you combine the foods properly, you can be as selective as you want.
Being aware of what kind of foods you're consuming is a great starting point. However, if you are not aware of the proper way to mix the foods at each meal, you are not at your best yet. Once you grasp this concept, the sky is the limit.

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